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Glenrinnes Distillery is an eye-catching, purpose-built distillery, completed in 2018 in Glenrinnes, Scotland. In keeping with Glenrinnes Farm's organic ethos, the distillery is committed to excellence, with only the best organic ingredients being sourced to create Eight Lands spirits.

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Production team

Our Operations Manager, Meeghan Murdoch, brings years of experience from distilling, brewing and winemaking to the team. Our Distiller, Katrina Stewart, has an MSc in Brewing and Distilling from Heriott Watt University, bringing a precise and imaginative hand to our spirits making.


The water

Our spirits are made with spring-water drawn from the Clashmarloch spring on the lowest slopes of Ben Rinnes. This is rather unusual - many gins and vodkas bring their spirits to drinking strength away from where they are made. We prefer to use our Scottish spring water.


Our kit

Our stills - including our 1,000 litre pot still "Rebecca" - have been built and installed by local firms, and designed to allow incredible flexibility in what we can produce on site.

Our semi-automated bottling and labelling line also means that we can control all elements of production.

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The process

It’s important that we distil our own spirits but also that we source organically. This means important choices are, and continue, to be made about where our wash and Neutral Grain Spirit comes from, and which botanicals we can harvest from our land sustainably.

This is an evolving and exciting process, based on the same dedication to quality that we’ve aimed for across the business.