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On a clear day, from the top of the Ben Rinnes mountain, you can survey the eight counties that surround us.

Eight Lands Organic Gin and Vodka is carefully distilled in the Glenrinnes Distillery at the foot of this mountain.

From our exceptional water source, to the choice of grains and botanicals, and the people we work with, Eight Lands truly represents the harmony of people, place and product.  

Our recipes were developed with a very well respected, award-winning distiller and tested with our friends and leading cocktail bartenders. We use botanicals foraged from the estate where sustainably possible.

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Organic Speyside gin

Fundamental to us is taste. Our award-winning gin has been created to win the heart of a traditional Martini drinker and excite experimental bartenders in the world’s best bars. Naturally, it makes a wonderful G&T too.

It is a true London Dry gin with bucket-loads of juniper, complemented by cowberry and sorrel from the estate, and eight other botanicals.  

Tasting notes

Big juniper on the nose, backed up by fresh pine and citrus. To taste, it's sweet juniper balanced with tart red berry and citrus. Hints of black tea and warm spice on the finish


  • 46% ABV

  • 11 different botanicals including cowberries and sorrel from our estate

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Organic Speyside vodka

Our vodka is incredibly pure, but also characterful - ensuring each sip transports the drinker to the rural, open space of Glenrinnes.

We use both barley and wheat grains, a two-stage fermentation process, and a combination of column and pot stills. This process is unusual, and time consuming, but that’s what it takes to create remarkable depth of flavour - a spirit you’ll never forget.

Tasting notes

Well rounded nose of marzipan and vanilla pods. On the palate, you can really taste the quality grain, leading into butterscotch, coconut. A long, smooth finish with a hint of spice on the palate.


  • 42% ABV

  • Barley and wheat grains

  • Two-stage fermentation for extra depth of flavour